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What is furniture for?

Spaces may have furniture in order to adapt to our needs, but we can follow very different criteria when it comes to decorating. Some people prefer to have as few pieces of furniture as possible, while others opt for “more is more.” Knowing how to choose the amount and type of furniture is a real art for which there is no single answer.
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Inspiration panel of the fenta collection

The Fenta collection is inspired by the Carballo region, by the beautiful natural scenery of Razo and Baldaio, and by the fantastic examples of rationalist architecture that can be found in the area.
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The history of bela furtiva at the “alma rural 2021” event

On October 16, 2021, the Pazo de Cores will host the “Alma rural 2021” event, organised by the Galician Government’s Departments of Equality and Countryside to commemorate the International Day of Rural Women.