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Discover FENTA, a collection inspired by all those women who, before us, dared to live according to their own rules. This series of pieces is a tribute to all of them.

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Design of Galicia
limited edition

Raíces galegas Raíces galegas
Bela Furtiva finds its references and its inspiration in Galician culture, which means that each collection involves researching into, interpreting and updating the topic in question.

In this way, we try to look beyond the usual places and conventional ideas so that we can offer a different viewpoint that highlights the complexity and richness of this culture, but keeping in mind at all times its diverse, changing nature.

Design, as a engine of innovation, allows us to translate ideas into objects that bring the cultural concepts to the fore, while blending them with other possible influences to obtain meaningful pieces that are sold as limited editions.
The Bela Furtiva collections are handcrafted in a sustainable manner and with great knowhow in workshops in Galicia and by people working with us in the long term.
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