Fara Set of Shelves

The Fara set of shelves condenses the Aymat collection’s spirit in its expressive will and in its casual nature, like a kind of emblem that catches everyone’s eye.

Cheerful curves define this piece of furniture that acquires meaning as an exhibiter-shelf, which brings out the best in any object, as well as an element used to divide a space.
A piece of furniture with a sculptural character that, as a nod to the tale about Aladdin, seems capable of producing magic by the mere act of rubbing and asking for a wish.


Technical description

  • Powder-coated steel structure.
  • The pieces between the shelves are made of colour-lacquered fibreboard.

Designed by Belafurtiva
Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz

Price: 2.045 € + VAT
Estimated shipping time: 6-8 weeks

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