Amina Bench

Versatility is the Amina bench’s main feature. With its comfortable proportions, this tireless companion can be used to sit down, but also as a piece of support furniture, and even as a side table.

Its forms and size ensure its adaptability, and its restless spirit is maximised thanks to the handles that make it easy to transport. It has the spirit of a dynamic object in search of the meaning that each person wants to give it.
Simplicity accompanied by an emphatic nature in an exercise of adjusting the limits, in which its character and refined forms help us see that it can become a true ally.


Technical description

  • Powder-coated steel structure.
  • Seat upholstered in wild silk with a colour-finished European oak base.

Designed by Belafurtiva
Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz

Price: 825 € + VAT
Estimated shipping time: 6 to 8 weeks