What is furniture for?
August, 5, 2021
What is furniture for?

Spaces may have furniture in order to adapt to our needs, but we can follow very different criteria when it comes to decorating. Some people prefer to have as few pieces of furniture as possible, while others opt for “more is more.” Knowing how to choose the amount and type of furniture is a real art for which there is no single answer.

It now seems natural seeing how furniture is integrated into architecture itself. However, in parallel to this tendency, in recent times more and more attention is being given to furniture that can be moved, traditional pieces of furniture whose familiarity humanises spaces. And undoubtedly, the coexistences of both types of furniture will characterise the immediate future.

There was also a time when furniture was more of a treasure than a utilitarian element. Today, furniture is required to be functional. However, the scope of its function is such so as to be considered incomplete if it is merely appropriate for a certain purpose. Functions encompass many fields: aesthetics, emotions, poetics, sociological matters, etc.

And in addition, objects may have a wide range of uses, depending on how different people interact with them. A chair, for example, can be used as a table, a clothes-rack, a ladder, a shelf, etc.

On the other hand, furniture also adds symbolism to a space. Behind each choice, there are great nuances of meaning and, as in every design process, consistency is a priority objective.

In short, we should think about what we want to convey and use this to decide what kind of furniture will help us to do so.