Inspiration panel of the fenta collection
August, 5, 2021
Inspiration panel of the fenta collection

The Fenta collection is inspired by the Carballo region, by the beautiful natural scenery of Razo and Baldaio, and by the fantastic examples of rationalist architecture that can be found in the area.

Before designing the collection, we spent some time exploring these places, striving to immerse ourselves in their essence and in the sensations they produce, which was a real journey of discovery for us.

We took photos, recorded videos, made drawings, wrote texts… and with all of this material we defined the concepts that would guide the collection.

As always, when we begin a new project, we create an inspiration panel to which we pin photos that we feel are important. This reminds us, throughout the process, of what we are striving to convey.

Landscape, sand, sea, thistles, magpies, traditional houses, saturated colours and pastel colours, wooden balconies, bevels, geometric volumes… provide us with a stimulating starting point.